Kelly Towles: Washington DC Artist, Designer, and Doer

Kelly Towles (@kellytowles) is the man behind a lot of the incredible street murals that make DC a more vibrant place. As a kid, he started crafting his artistic skills by copying his favorite album covers—a lost art these days! He always liked the idea of having a bigger canvas and that's when he started to experiment with different types of graffiti art in high school.

Kelly has always been one to take his visions seriously, and in order to obtain them, has put in the work and hustles hard. He shared with us how things don't happen instantaneously—along with having the passion and drive, you also need to have a business mindset to write and present proposals and get things done timely. It was this combination that led him to his first mural in DC, "Scout", on the corner of 12th & W St NW, and his biggest project yet, a six story mural on an old CIA building in Navy Yard.

He shared with us the most important things for him to continue being successful: to never stop hustling, remain humble, and to put his family first.

"I am making sure my son grows up to be a better man than I ever will be and that I support my wife as we go after our visions together," he said.

You can be sure to see more great things coming to DC from Kelly Towles in the future. #DoersDoTell | Post + photo by @annamcalpinemeyer