we create items to help you show the world the causes and the people you care about.

About Us


Dionna Dorsey Calloway | Designer & Entrepreneur
Who We Are

At District of Clothing, we create items to help you show the world the causes and the people you care about. That's what got us started, and that's what keeps us going.

Founded in 2014 by owner and designer, Dionna Dorsey, District of Clothing is a lifestyle brand encouraging progression, inspiring action and supporting self-love. Our items are for the sideline rejectors who awake with passion for progress and desire to make their dreams reality. 

We triumphantly embrace the activist, creative, entrepreneurial, and community dreamer, doer and changemaker spirit blossoming throughout our nation, and we purposefully intend to help spread this message across as many districts as possible. 

District of Clothing has been featured in Adweek, Black Enterprise, Bustle, The Washington Informer, and Forbes.


Meet Our Newest Designer, Cindy Hernandez

Cindy Hernandez | Designer, District of Clothing Cindy Hernandez is a New Jersey based Dominican multidisciplinary creative with a passion for sustainability and value driven design. She strives to create pieces that make people either feel good or feel motivated to be the change they want to see. When Cindy’s not at her desk designing, you can find her at a thrift shop looking for hidden gems or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe she found online.